About Us

What is three point clothing?

Three Point started as a way to pay down lunch debt at schools in our community. Each state has different laws on how schools handle lunch debt for students in our schools. Some require them to still serve them regardless of the debt, however students may not be able to participate in all activities if they have a balance. In other states, students are required to put the food back, or worse, have it tossed in front of their piers. 100% of the profits of our shirts through July 2020 went towards paying down lunch debt.

After Covid-19, sales dropped drastically with students being mostly virtual and no lunch debt accruing. The needs of our community changed. Three Point expanded our fundraising efforts to other areas of need for students in the community as requested by people like you!

100% of the profits from the sales of Three Point Clothing will continue to be donated and you will be able to see which charity we are raising funds for on the home page. 


What does Three Point mean?

The national average cost of school lunches before free or reduced programs is $3.01 and there you get… Three Point! If you purchase a shirt with the THREE. logo, its meant to spark conversation, and that’s a good place to start. “The average cost of a student lunch costs about three dollars, 100% of the profits of this shirt went to a student in my community.”


Are you interested in hosting a campaign?

At this time, all of our fundraising efforts will go toward K-12 student aged causes only. If you have a cause you'd like to raise money for, reach out to us at hello@threepointclothing.com. Include all of the details of the cause and the origination or group it is associated with. We may not be able to accommodate all requested campaigns, but we will sure try!