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About Us

What is three point clothing?

Each state has different laws on how schools handle lunch debt for students in our schools. Some require them to still serve them regardless of the debt, however students may not be able to participate in all activities if they have a balance. In other states, students are required to put the food back, or worse, have it tossed in front of their piers. 

No child should have to worry about things like this, and we are here to help can help. 100% of the profits from the sales of Three Point Clothing will go towards paying down student lunch debt. EVERY dollar made will be donated.


What does Three Point mean?

The national average cost of school lunches before free or reduced programs is $3.01 and there you get… Three Point! If you purchase a shirt with the THREE. logo, its meant to spark conversation, and that’s a good place to start. “The average cost of a student lunch costs about three dollars, 100% of the profits of this shirt went to a student in my community to pay down their lunch debt.”


How do we know the people who receive money truly need it?

Two things… We know that a few of the kids who receive a portion of the money donated may not actually need it, but our ultimate goal is to relieve even just a small amount of stress from the kids in our communities’ lives. Regardless of the reason they have lunch debt, it is NOT their fault nor should it be their burden.

However, if you may be the parent of a student who benefited from a Three Point donation, and they didn’t actually need it, please consider paying it forward and calling your school to see how you can donate to their student lunch debt fund!


A big heartfelt thank you!

This has been a labor of love by me and every person who I made try on shirt, after shirt, after shirt to ensure we are delivering you the highest quality clothing. It is so important to us that you like what you get because above anything, we appreciate your contribution to a cause we believe in. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your purchase and for sharing the message of Three Point.